The Online, Self Paced Course

Our Curriculum

Online, Self Paced Course: $250

Student Portrait Sheet (SPS)

  • Guidance on crafting and structuring responses for SPS
  • Access to SPS-specific templates, strategic approaches, and organization checklists
  • Techniques for narrating your extracurricular activities
  • Compilation of ready-to-use responses, flexible for various prompts
  • Collection of a multitude of practice prompts and self-made prompts, based off previous years. Prompts from the years 2020 to 2024 are included.

Math and Science Problem-Solving Essays (PSE)

  • Development, organization, and authoring of responses for PSE in math and science
  • Resource kit with PSE structure templates, procedural guides, and checklists
  • Educational videos and materials for math and science concepts

Personalized Feedback

  • Opportunity to receive detailed feedback on practice responses from our teaching staff
  • Custom feedback provided usually within a week for up to ten submitted responses

Additional Benefits

  • Practice assignments are modeled after historical exam formats
  • Advice on time management and common mistake avoidance for test days
  • A price of only $250, making PrepWise the most affordable TJ Prep you can have!